GREENFIELD BUILDING: Client and Architect Testimonials

"Chris D'Andrea and his team at Greenfield Building did a fantastic job on our kitchen remodel.  They delivered platinum-plated craftsmanship and came in on budget and within the tight deadline" -Olaf

"What sets Chris apart from other great craftsmen is his innate ability to understand the underlying intent defining a project's design; this allows him to offer suggestions and solutions that are not only appropriate, but which also always seem to take the project even further in the right direction." GARY EARL PARSONS

"You know you can always count on us for testimonials, referrals, etc.. It's been a true pleasure working with you" - Ann R.

"I am an Architect and I have worked closely with Chris D'Andrea on a number of projects over the last 12 years. Chris brings top-notch craftsmanship, care and communication to every project he touches and is one of the most polite and respectful people I know. I look forward to seeing Chris construct many more of the projects I design; when Chris gets involved I know in advance that the project will be a success and that the clients will be very pleased."

Gary Earl Parsons

"Unlike many builders and contractors, Chris is very accessible by phone, text and email...we could have gone with a slightly less expensive builder, but I doubt we would be as happy with our experience and end product as we are. Highly, highly recommended!" Jessica

As an Architect, I have probably worked with over 100 Contractors. I rate contractors on pricing, quality, and communication. Chris has competitive pricing, high quality work, and is extremely organized and responsive. It is a pleasure to work with a contractor such as Chris who knows what they are doing and can deliver the job on budget and on time. Most of the pain on my end as an Architect is making sure the work flows smoothly. Chris is on the job asking the right questions at the right time. He looks and plans ahead to make sure all the pieces fit together. -Robert Kelly

"We hired Greenfield Building to demolish two adjacent bedrooms in our Berkeley home and build in their place a master suite with a new bathroom and walk-in closet, as well as build a new laundry room in another area of our home.  From our first visit with Chris, his experience, understanding and forethought was clearly evident as he digested what we wanted to do.  He really stood out from the other contractors we were considering, and I was impressed that his insights into our project went so much deeper than the others.  Now that the project has been finished, we are very happy that we chose Greenfield for many reasons.  Impressively, Chris projected the project would take 12 weeks to complete, and sure enough we moved back in 12 1/2 weeks after its start.  Also, in the end, the cost ended-up being exactly what we where expecting.  Everyone we know who had done construction projects was so impressed that Greenfield kept the timeline and price they initially presented.  As both of these were very important to us, we were thrilled!  Throughout the project Chris' team was polite and respectful, and we especially liked the foreman Pete.  They showed up every day right at 8am, and always finished by 4:30, M-F, which we and our neighbors really appreciated.  Chris worked seamlessly with the designer we used, and the entire project came out beautifully: we love what Chris created for us!  I truly think Chris and Greenfield stand out among builders, and I can't recommend them highly enough.  We love what Chris did for us and are extremely happy we chose him!" -Jeff

 "Chris D'Andrea (owner of Greenfield Building and Remodeling in Berkeley) did an outstanding job with our complete kitchen/dining room remodel. The job involved demolition of walls, reframing, installation of new flooring/cabinets/countertops/lighting -- in short, it was a complete overhaul with a lot of moving pieces. Chris and his team did an exceptional job on a very short timeframe and were extremely respectful and dedicated throughout the process. Chris is a highly respected craftsman here in the area, and it shows in his attention to detail. He made some incredible suggestions along the way that really improved the finished product. After hearing so many horror stories from friends about their own remodel experiences, we feel like we struck gold with Chris and couldn't offer a higher recommendation."- Ann R

"I originally worked with Chris when he remodeled my kitchen. I was struck by his attention to detail and quality workmanship–this involved gutting four rooms to create a gourmet kitchen with family area, working with our architect and managing the subcontractors. I was so pleased with the results. More recently, I called Chris to fix a french door that was jammed shut. This is when I realized how good he was at solving problems! While fixing the door, he discovered dry rot and immediately handled that repair. He is organized and efficient–a trustworthy person. I recommend Chris very highly and look forward to working with him again. Thanks so much, Chris." -Nancy

"Chris D'Andrea and his team at Greenfield Building did a fantastic job on our kitchen remodel.  They delivered platinum-plated craftsmanship and came in on budget and within the tight deadline we had pre-agreed.  Under Chris' leadership, they are a well-oiled machine - hard working, precise, well-coordinated and very friendly.  Chris worked with us flexibly to do justice to our various design preferences, accommodating some tweaks and small additional requests on short notice without significant impact on the final completion date.  Along the way, he showed compassion and concern for our daily family life as we navigated around the construction.  He kept the burden on us as low as possible and the construction site and the areas around it as clean as possible.  All in all, a very professional, pleasant and satisfying experience.  We love our kitchen and are spending much more time in it now than before, thanks to Chris and his team.  We look forward to working with him again in the future and will actively recommend him to friends and colleagues along the way." Olaf G

"Chris' crew is fantastic. For a few months, we had different people (Steve, Pete, Juan, Josh...) come in and out, and everyone was extremely professional and courteous. We have small children, and Chris' crew were always happy to answer questions my children asked, showing them what they were doing, offer to let them help with Painting, etc."JT

We  needed to replace our kitchen window quickly because it was leaking.  Our architect recommended Chris D'Andrea, the owner of  Greenfield.  He was very responsive to our call for help.  We gave him a deadline to complete the work while we were out of town and he completed the job on time.  He communicated regularly about the progress of the work and was very responsive to our calls.  Unlike other contractors I have used in the past, Chris started the work and then continued until he completed the project so that we had minimal disruption in the use of our kitchen.  And, he left our kitchen cleaner than when he began the work.  I highly recommend Chris for your remodel job. -Rob D

"Dear Chris, Thanks for stepping in and helping us transform the deck into a more useful and pleasant structure. We love it! And also thanks for the home-made Port. Cant wait to try it!"
Best,  Karyn & Jack